Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrity Ship at Twilight

This past Sunday the first cruise ships of the season showed up. I  have mixed feelings about it. Those of you who know me understand how I feel. I know that the ships provide employment for a certain segment of the local population, but like everything, there is a cost involved. The folks who live here who have very little or nothing to do with the tourist industry have to deal with all the ramifications of hundreds of people being unloaded, many of whom are from a foreign country with different cultures and values. They don't seem to understand that Hoonah isn't Disneyland and we aren't all employees here. The number one complaint that most folks here have is that the people walk in the middle of the streets without regard for the cars that are trying to get somewhere. That being said, I will say again as I've said before- if you are going somewhere as a tourist, please be respectful of the local population. You are a guest, regardless of whether or not you are spending money on whatever the locale has to offer. Your presence will impact the local population, please let the impact be a positive one. Now, onward and upward.
 I took these pictures Sunday evening while I was going down to check on the boat. I was on the gridiron all day powerwashing the hull so I could be hauled out and complete the work with some degree of comfort. I don't like to rush through the process of washing, painting and putting zincs on while on the grid. I'm getting too old to rush around like a mad man trying to get everything done before the tide comes in. If I had a fiberglass boat it wouldn't be so much of an issue, but wood boats require a lot more maintenence. If there aren't enough zincs applied, the fastenings,screws or nails, could be eaten by electrolosis and the plank could fall off. Periodically you have to recaulk the seams too. I want to make sure the water stays on the outside of the boat. My son, Ben wanted me to get some pictures of the boat on the grid, but I forgot. If you're reading this Ben, I don't have any pictures of the Bonnie J on the grid, but I have a few pictures of the Celebrity Millenium. I hope these will do for now.  I'll try to get some shots of hauling the boat out with the travel lift Bubba.


  1. Good post dad, Love the pics. Sorry tourist season is there hahah, hopefully people will be respectful this year. I know I will be when I am there :)

  2. Those are beautiful photos dad, especially that top one! I know they can be a pain, but hopefully they provide some entertainment! When I come down we need to look for zincs again, use that metal detector!

  3. Sure miss that scenery...but not sure how it would be comin back to visit and seein some big ol cruise ship lined up like Juneau...that would take a bit of gettin used to....if it makes you feel any better...they're the same way in downtown Juneau as well...like the streets are their walk way....regardless of the fact that there are sidewalks on either side!