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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back to Normal

     I know this picture doesn't exactly look like the essence of tranquility, and I guess it's not. As you can see there is a little breeze blowing out of the Northwest I believe. However, the grey skies and rows of mist hovering over the mountains are a pleasant reprieve from the scalding hot weather we've been having. For what seemed like days on end we've had hot sunny weather. I know, I know, when it's cold and snowing and blowing, I'm complaining about that, so you would think that when the weather heated up and the sun came out I'd be tickled pink. It's more like sunburned red. If we could just experience a happy medium, you know, a few days of cloudy weather, maybe a day or so of refreshing rain and then two or three days of sunshine with temps up to about seventy degrees or so. When I 'm fishing I would prefer a high overcast sky or clouds with a misty rain so that I don't get drenched when I go out to the cockpit to pull a fish or two. What we've had lately though was sunny weather with temps in the mid eighties. Frankly, it's just too hot. I don't like to take my shirt off because I don't care for the sunburn that I 'll inevitably get, so I end up sweltering. It was even too hot to sleep the other night. I felt like I was back in Ohio on a summer evening. The sun and extreme heat always brings out the horseflies. If you've ever been bitten by one, you know that they don't just take a dainty little nibble out of your flesh, they take a mouth full that leaves a welt that you could plant a flag on. Those sapsuckers! I hate them intensely. When I'm out fishing on hot sunny days we have an ongoing battle with each other. If I'm out on the deck they are constantly flying around harassing me, waiting for a moment when my back is turned so they can take a chunk out of me. It's really hard for me to concentrate on my fishing, I'm so busy watching for those devious monsters. I arm myself with the wash down hose and blast the little suckers right out of the air like they were enemy aircraft. I take great delight in   looking at their saturated bodies as I wash them over the side of the boat. If they could talk they might beg for mercy, but I can assure you, there would be none. If your'e gonna come after me, be prepared to pay the price.When I'm inside the cabin they come flying in like they own the place. Almost always they make the fatal mistake of landing on one of the windows that faces forward. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I take off my hat and pummel them repeatedly until they fall dead or wounded onto the floor. They other day I think I must have killed at least fifty. They just keep on coming like Ghengis Khan and the Mongol hordes. I did get a reprieve while out fishing on Monday. The National Weather Service came on channel 16 and said there was a high wind warning due to thunder and lightning storms passing through the area. The wind could be blowing sixty and those stupid horseflies would grit their teeth and fly onward. However, they hate the clouds and rain. Thank God I live in a rainforest!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Evening

  I like sunny days, I really do. It makes you feel good to wake up in the morning and see the sun shining bright. The birds are all singing, the flowers are thriving and everyone is in a generally good mood. That's in the morning. By afternoon when the heat is really revving up and the wind is blowing the tops off the whitecaps I'm praying for a little cloud cover and a shower. Yesterday when I got in from fishing, fixed some supper and took care of some other chores, I decided to take the dog for a walk out to the cannery. It was hotter than blazes and we needed to get a break from the heat. This Celebrity ship was just leaving at 10:30. It was the second ship that day. I think it's pretty excessive to discharge all those tourists on this small town in one day. It's getting increasingly difficult to get around as now, not only do we have buses and touring vans from the cannery, but there is an influx of private vans and touring buses as well as a red trolley toting folks around. It's the same with the boats. There must be a dozen boats vying for the tourists bucks trying to take them out whale watching or fishing, plus we have a couple of huge catamarans that the cannery runs. It's totally transformed the town in ways I can't say I really care for. I don't think the dog does either. When he got down near the cannery he took a dump on the sidewalk. I, of course, can't protest in like manner. In any event, the bottom picture shows the tour ship leaving, which in my opinion is much better than a picture of one arriving. 

Monday, June 3, 2013


For my birthday this year, I got a full blown case of shingles. How many folks can say that? It's not like I went to one of those exclusive catalogues and picked out an exotic gift like silk pillow cases or a diamond tie pin. No way.... anyone can get one of those. If  you want to have a really different gift that no one else would even think about, try a case of shingles, they're about as welcome as dog crap on a white carpet. Though the pictures aren't very good- a certain someone seems to have difficulty operating my camera, you kind of get the picture. To say that they hurt like crazy would be an understatement. As luck would have it, this isn't the first time I've experienced this lovely disease. I had them when I was twenty one. I was in the navy at the time and when I went to the infirmary on base I told the doctor that my back was itching and burning, so he had me lift my shirt. Then he says, " Well hey, this is odd. You usually don't see this in people under fifty. Hey Fred... Fred, come here and look at this." The other doc comes over and stares at me like I was an exhibit in a freak show and made some smart comment and they gave me some cream that didn't work and that was that. I ended up hearing about using Mexanna medicated powder from someone who had suffered with shingles- he was at least fifty- and it seemed to help. A few months ago they started running commercials on TV about shingles and I was thinking to myself, well I'll never have to deal with that again. Hmmm, that old saying about lighting not striking twice probably isn't to be believed. Like the commercial mentions, if you had chicken pox as a kid, the shingles virus is inside of you. I would urge you to check out getting a vaccination for this. I really wouldn't want anyone that I cared for to suffer with this. I haven't been able to sleep since I got them and the pain is extreme. Hopefully they'll  go away soon. I guess that stress triggers them. If that's the case, I should have a savage case every spring until the end of summer. I'm just glad that they're confined to my back and chest. My brother had them in his hair and one of the retired teachers had them, well... I'm not sure where, but her husband said that she couldn't even stand having clothes on it was so painful. The only reason I know that is that I had heard him mention shingles to someone and I said to use medicated powder. The store didn't have any but I did so I offered to bring it out to them. That's when he mentioned his wife was naked as a jay bird- of necessity. I'm glad I can at least wear clothes. It would be really gross to be parading around here with my fat naked bod covered in brilliant red blisters. I guess it would be a good diet plan. The sight of that would be enough to make anyone loose their appetite.