Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Birds

Well, here I am... up at the library again. My new laptop is over at Bricks Electronics in Juneau getting a GPS program installed and my PC is still on the way down from Wasilla. My daughter says that she sent it several days ago. I hope she insured it, or I may never see my beloved computer again.  Anyway, I'm sitting here trying to use a library computer. The librarian says that the computer is Julian- my favorite, but the monitor says Amos. I don't like that idea very well. I'd rather have Julian mated up with the Bertha monitor, but when I tried using Bertha it wouldn't co-operate. Oh well. Like the saying goes, people in hell want ice water too.
  The calendar says it's spring, but yesterday we had a few inches of snow falling in blizzard like conditions. I guess the birds don't know any better because they've been showing up just like it was spring.  I suppose that the desire to procreate outweighs the need for food, at least for awhile. I hear Robins singing, but I don't see them anywhere. There doesn't appear to be any worms out- they have a  tendency to stay in the ground when there is snow on top. Surprisingly the Hummingbirds are here. Fortunately there are a number of folks here in town who have feeders for them or there would be little Hummingbird carcasses all over the ground. As you can see from the upper pictures, the eagles are doing a little scavenging along the beach front. Apparently someone brought in some black cod and the cold storage ground it up. It's a favorite food for the crows and ravens and eagles this time of year.
   When I was a kid I went with my brother to see a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, the premier producer of scary movies when I was young. The movie was called The Birds and it was fairly unsettling. One scene showed a bunch of school kids running from the school building to somewhere safer I guess. They were moving flat out down a hill like a herd of buffalo with terrified looks on their faces and in the background there was all kinds of destruction brought on by the birds, that for whatever reason had gone ballistic and were killing people and tearing up the town. For some unknown reason, perhaps it was a release of pent up fear, I started laughing hysterically at the sight of those kids. My brother looked at me in horror and was poking my side and  whispering for me to be quiet. Everyone else in the theatre was gasping and covering their eyes and I'm laughing my head off. I know I embarrassed him. I don't think he ever took me to a movie again; I'm not sure why. In any event, if the birds of the world ever go rogue again, I'm fairly certain I'll be safe. I've been feeding them all winter.


  1. OH MY GOSH! Ahahaha

  2. I remember that movie. I did not like it, and it is probably why I've never watched horror movies since.

    We are still waiting for our local birds to arrive. They seem to be stuck down in your world, waiting for warmer weather to arrive here.

  3. Hi Autumn- sounds like you liked it. There's nothing like watching little school children running for their lives to bring out the laughter in sickos I guess.

    Hi Teena- I've never really cared for scary movies. I guess that one was tame by todays standards. My dad took us to see The Blob when I was a little kid. That was back when they still had drive in movies. Now THAT one scared me silly. I think I was scared for a week waiting for the blob to come through the bathroom drain and get me.

  4. Yep, was pretty funny. And you're the one that raised me this way! :) Love you!