Monday, January 14, 2013

First Grade Lessons

    Back when I was in grade school, eons ago, we periodically would be given a paper with pictures of things that for the most part had something in common. Among the various things depicted would be one picture that wouldn't seem to quite fit in. We were suppose to circle the thing that didn't seem to follow the pattern of the other things. I'm not really sure how I did on those tests. I could always justify the odd picture being there  somehow. Frankly I don't know if there was even a correct answer to some of those tests. Even as a not so bright kid I felt like something was a little off in administering those tests. I guess I must have passed- they never came to get me for a psychological evaluation or anything and I managed somehow to make it through high school and even into the navy. When I was there they gave us the ink-blot test and asked us what each picture looked like. Is there a right or wrong answer? I don't know. In the same vein of the tests mentioned, I thought I would just throw out a similar kind of exercise. There is no right or wrong answer- it's strictly for entertainment. All of these pictures are from December 21 of last year- the day Jen and I took a walk on the beach. Tell me, does one of them seem not to quite fit in? Hmmmm....  
   We walked along the beach until we got to a place where the trail led into the woods and went in there to get out of the wind. As you can see, Jen has in the crook of her arm a piece of driftwood that I found on the beach and convinced her to carry. She didn't really want it, but for some reason she packed it around for the whole walk. She gets busy thinking about things and doesn't pay attention to the outward circumstances surrounding her. I'm not sure what she was thinking when this picture was taken.Twice I tried to get a picture and both times her eyes were closed. Oh well. I'm sure she'll be delighted when she sees that I posted it, but there are so many people who need a good laugh now and then that it only seems proper to post it.
   In the last picture you can see across Icy Strait to Homeshore. It doesn't seem so far away in the picture, but it takes a good hour and a half for me to get there in my boat. On a normal day the wind is usually either blowing from the East or West which means I have to cross in the trough both coming and going. I've had some pretty uncomfortable crossings from time to time.Years ago there used to be a pretty good run of King Salmon that ran down that shore in the spring. I suppose they still do to a certain extent, but not like it used to be. The same with the cohos in the fall. For years the troll fleet would congregate there to work on the cohos that were headed to points unknown, but for the past five or so years they just haven't shown up like they used to. With the increase in the number of lodges and sealions, I guess it's no surprise that there are less fish to be caught on the inside any more. I guess it's like Bob Dylan said- the time's they are achanging.


  1. Winter walks are sometimes more revealing than at other times. I particularly like low tide after a winternight's storm when, depending upon your location, the beach is full of interesting treasure. Consider that Ms. B may be hoping you don't claim the one she's toting...

    1. I've always loved how the timber looks out at the cannery,...peaceful forrest,..hell i like the Tongass period. Good post,..and thanks again for the knife! it'll be used on many a hunts to come.

  2. HI Rene- On that particular day it was a low tide. I can't remember ever seeing so many mussels and barnacles. I found the paper that I had written some info on barnacles about and saw that they are hermaphroditic and alternate between being male and female. Imagine that... or don't. I have some large hunks of driftwood that I buried standing up and bound with a rope in my front yard. I picked it up when we were at False Bay one time. When I was digging the hole to bury it the kid across the street called out-Who died? I imagine the flowers would do even better if I'd had someone to bury there.

  3. Hey Ben- Yeah, I love the woods. We saw all kinds of deer tracks in the snow and I was hoping that we might actually see a deer or two, but we were being too noisy. Never go on a walk with Jen and expect to see any wildlife. Between the scuffing of her feet and the ongoing conversation, you'd have to run across something deaf in order to see it. I'm glad you like the knife. I need to find something to send Brian now.

  4. Love the pics, beautiful. And then there's Jen...always a good time with her!!!

  5. Hi Autumn- yeah, never a dull moment with Jen. I don't think she's seen this post yet. I'm debating whether or not I should show it to her tonight when they're here for dinner.

  6. Haha...busted me up...jen probably didn't even remember she was carrying it til you asked her for it back when you got home