Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Call Me Rodney

Well, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm just like Rodney Dangerfield, I don't get no respect. It's very apparent what I meant by this picture that my youngest daughter sent me. Whatever happened to telephones that you just talk on? Now you can play games, watch a movie, take pictures, distort the pictures you take into unflattering and unrealistic visions of obscenity, and if you have the right app, I think you can turn your phone into a portable urinal with the touch of a button. Oh well. I would be content to just have the old black dial phone, but I guess those days are gone for good. I have to admit that it's mildly entertaining to look at some of these pictures. It would be even more so if the picture was of someone other than me.
  On a different note, I 'm back up at the library using the computer. Mine had gotten so slow and unreliable that it was almost unbearable to work on it. When my son-in-law was here over Christmas he offered to send me down some more memory for it and showed me how to do it. I only had 512MB of RAM, which I guess isn't very much, so he sent down 8 GB. I got the case off the computer and successfully removed the old memory and I thought I'd successfully replaced the new memory. I closed it all up and hooked up the wires in the back where I thought they should go and turned on the power. The computer came on, but the light never turned from yellow to green and then I noticed a kind of hot electrical smell- but no smoke, so I thought, well, the parts are new so maybe when they're just getting warmed up they stink a little. However, the green light never did come on, and even though the smell went away, or maybe I just got used to it, the screen never did fire up, so here I am...again. That's why I don't work on mechanical things. I seem to have a knack for messing things up. If it was just a matter of doing an oil change on the darn thing, I think I could have pulled it off without a problem, but when wires are involved, well, that's a horse of a different color. I'm kind of dangerous when I get around wires and whatnot. Once, when I was in the navy, I guess we must have been in the shipyard, for whatever reason I was walking between the posts of a steel doorway with a live welding tool. All at once an arc shot from the tool to the doorway and left a big burn spot on it. It scared the bloody hell out of me and I suppose anyone else in the vicinity.  Some people just aren't meant to be around that kind of stuff. In any event, I guess I'll be sending this computer away to get fixed and hope that when I get it back I don't mess something else up. Meanwhile, if the hat fits, wear it.


  1. Sorry about the computer dad! And that picture is hilarious! I do have more of others, but I'm not sure that it would be as funny!

  2. That's ok Autumn, one picture is enough. I sent the computer off yesterday, so hopefully it will get there in a timely manner.

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