Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mushrooms and Flowers

It's almost the end of November- thank God. This one was brutal, weather-wise. I can't remember having this much snow in November before, but then again,I can't remember the names of people I've known for years either. When I see them at a distance on the street I go through the agonizing process of sorting through all the names in the English language trying to figure out if one of them sounds familiar, then hope it's the right one before I meet up with the person.
 I decided to do a blog on something other than the snow that we've been surrounded with. Here we have a picture of snow on the mountain, and here's some snow on the trees, next is snow on the street. Here I am shoveling more snow out of the driveway... I find flowers much more colorful than snow.
 Back in October we had rain by the bucket full. Every day-rain, rain, rain. Of course I complained about it so it got cold and then it was snow, snow, snow. Tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor! Anyway, these past several days it's back to rain and you wouldn't believe how glad I am to see it.
 When my daughter Autumn was visiting last time she showed me about the macro button on my camera. I'd seen it there, but never bothered to learn what it did. I guess it allows you to get really close pictures. This camera can play music with a slide show, do close ups, landscapes at twilight and any number of other things that I haven't familiarized myself with. There may even be an espresso machine inside, I don't know. By the time you read all the instructions on these digital contraptions your brain has swelled to three times it's normal size and the camera is obsolete. Even if I took the time to read it all, I would have forgotten what I've read. Techno Tom I am not. I'm almost totally dependent on young people to help me do anything involving electronics.I don't even have a cell phone. I guess I'm lost in the dark ages. In any event, I used the Macro button on the camera to take these close up pictures. I rather like them.
 I'm not certain, but I think the mushrooms pictured here are Shaggy Manes. I guess they're good to eat if you like mushrooms. Usually I see them growing down at the harbor in the area where people let their dogs relieve themselves.  I think I would have to decline if offered one.There are a few folks in town whom I wouldn't mind offering some to- "here, I was just down in the harbor and picked these for you." Sometimes I look kind of like a Shaggy Mane- especially in the morning when I just wake up- and particularly if it's been awhile since my last haircut. There is one teacher here who has a shaggy mane; in fact he looks kind of like a lion the way his hair frames his whole face when he lets it grow. I don't doubt that he could get a leading part in the Lion King if he painted his nose black. He's fairly athletic and talented, he'd probably do a good job. Once again I've covered a whole range of topics that have nothing at all in common. I think it's the sign of a confused mind. If I was working in school I'd probably be told I was -off task. I'll try to stay more focused and on task for my next blog post, but no promises.


  1. Good blog dad (I mean techno Tom) Love the pictures so pretty.

  2. Nice pictures dad. And, maybe you would be able to remember people's names if you stopped eating off those aluminum skillets! :)Love you!

  3. Hi Girls- glad you liked the pictures. I think all the pans and the coffee pot on the boat are aluminum. Who knows, maybe my mind is already shot and I just think I'm making a comment.

  4. There's probably aluminum in your deoderant too. Oh dear, what to do?
    To stink or to starve? That is the question.

    Liked your blog and pics.

    Also told me sister in law to order your book for my brother, Fritz. He used to fish with Bob.


  5. HI Jenn- I wasn't sure if I would hear from you again. It's not even a close contest- I'll definitely stink. Until recently its been too cold to sweat so that hasn't been an issue. I'm hoping to see Bob at our annual Christmas open house, if I do I'll mention your brother to him. I hope you're finding time to do a little writing. Thanks for the comment and for the sales pitch. Take care gal.

  6. Hi Erika- thanks, they came out pretty good. I do wish I enjoyed mushrooms, these looked good enough to eat.

  7. OMG..this was hilarious...ugh...I'm sittin down here crackin up n Kelan and Kaiden are hollarin down.."what's so funny mom?"..wow...were some twisted individuals to find this so amusing..can just see you set up down at the harbor with your little stand...Techno Tom's mushrooms...you buy em you fry em..."...too funny..but awesome pics;-) Glad to know you have techno savvy creatures around to help! Love ya..AJ