Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunshine and Sunsets

It's May 31st and what a May it has been! With the exception of just a few days, we have had more sun than we've seen for quite a while. Of course the few days that it rained happened to be days when my boat was hauled out and I was trying to paint, but that's ok. There have been so many good days this month that it's hard to complain. The bugs haven't even been bad yet, which is a real blessing. Usually when I'm trying to paint the boat, either the no-see-ums are so thick you can hardly breath without sucking a dozen in at a time or the horse flies are waiting for me to put my guard down so they can chow down on my flesh. I'm pretty diligent about keeping an eye out for them though. I don't get much painting done when they are around, but you should see all the dead horse flies littering the water around the boat.
Today is another sunny day and it looks like in the next few days it's going to get really, really hot! The forcast is for 80 degree plus weather. For this area, that is almost unbearable. It's great for painting or fiberglass work on the boat, but the heat just drains the strength right out of me. Usually sunny days bring the west wind too, which can be miserable if your'e out on a boat.
So far I haven't wet a line yet this year. I've got the boat hauled out to caulk and paint and it should go back in tonight. Then tommorow, I'm supposed to start back down at the new boat haulout finishing the concrete work. It doesn't sound like I'm missing much fish- wise. It's been pretty slow. That is kind of a blessing too. If everyone else was catching king salmon to beat the band, Id be going nuts right now. Hopefully this job will end just before the good fishing really starts and I'll be ready just in time for the big smash! What the heck, it doesn't hurt to dream. After all, I was hoping for a better spring this year, and we got it!


  1. Hey dad I'm trying this comment thing again, can't wait to see pictures of the Bonnie J.

  2. Nice, I miss it down there! Autumn