Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seagull Mountain

It's May 12, and so far spring has been all that anyone could ask for. What a contrast to the past several years. It runs in my mind that there were only about 18 days of sun last spring and summer. This year has far exceeded that already.
I love this view. There is a dirt road above the town that stretches for several miles. There are only a few breaks in the trees like this one.As you can see, the view is fantastic. On the left is the entrance to the small boat harbor. The breakwater extends all the way to Graveyard Island. I'm not sure how many people are buried there, but it I believe the city is looking for a new site.
The mountain off in the distance is Seagull Mountain. Like all the area around here, it has been extensively logged, which is evident by the large bare patches on the sides of the mountain.
The area on the other side of the breakwater is shallow and supports a healthy stock of Dungeness crabs. Quite a few of the locals keep crab pots in the area. It's not uncommon for someone else to check your pot for you and help themselves to the crab. Usually if they re-bait it there won't be too many hard feelings.
The large dock in the forefront belongs to the city. Quite a number of the small boat skiff fishermen dock there year round and in the summer the outside of the float can accomodate quite a few of the bigger boats like seiners. The smaller dock on the left with the white buildings is owned by Hoonah Cold Storage. From now until the end of September it's a pretty busy place. They buy salmon, halibut and black cod from the commercial fishermen and dispense ice and bait. Hoonah has always been a fishing town and though commercial fishing isn't as important as it once was to the town, it still provides a number of jobs is an important source of revenue to the city.
While there is still a lot of snow left on the upper elevations, it's pretty well dissapeared from around town. The leaves are starting to pop out and it won't be long until the no-seeums and misquitos make their annual appearance. Like with everything in life you have to take the good with the bad. Enjoy the things you like about each season and tolerate those you don't the best you can. For now I'm just enjoying the sunshine and looking forward to the days ahead.

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