Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm in Juneau right now. For those who may be unfamiliar with travel in Southeast Alaska, I had to take the ferry from Hoonah to get here. It beats flying. As I made mention of briefly in the book, I did survive an airplane accident back in February of 2000. Even though I still fly when I have to, I'd prefer not to. Because I'm using a computer I'm not familiar with, I'll save the story of the plane accident for a time when I'm at home and can mess up with a computer that I'm familiar with.
In any event I'm in Juneau to get a TWIC card- something that the government insists that I have if I should ever want to do any charter fishing. I have a fifty ton license that permits me to charge people ridiculous sums of money to go out with me and pee in a bucket (if you're a lady) and get seasick and ask silly questions, all the while searching for sealions, whales, Orcas and all other manner of sea creatures that inhabit the area. I wish I had pictures of said creatures, but I just got the camera this past Christmas and I haven't been out in the boat yet this year. Somewhere down the pike I'll get some pictures and post them. Till then, I'll bid you a good night. Tom

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