Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Clown Ship

   I was heading out fishing this morning when I noticed that some of the whale watch boats were already leaving with their passengers. I looked down towards the cannery where the ships have been anchoring and saw nothing, although there were some lightering boats running to the cannery from around the corner. When I got around the bend myself, I could see that for whatever reason the captain decided to anchor on the other side of cannery point. There has been quite a large amount of conflict over the cruise ship dock and it's location. Icy Strait Point wants it built on their property, using state money, and the city says no they can't for that very reason. Unfortunately, one of the city council members has been pushing the ISP location, even though there is a conflict of interest and it has really divided the city. What a pain. I assume the captain docked where he did to make a point, I don't know, but in any event it was a nuisance to try and troll around him tonight when I was coming in. This particular ship is the Norwegian Sun, part of the Norwegian Cruise Line. I don't know why they take a perfectly good ship and paint this ridiculous design on it. It's so out of character for the location. Here we have this beautiful location, with the clean, clear water and mountains and woods and here comes this ship looking like a pimp on a holiday. It's kind of like inviting a clown to your wedding- it just seems out of place. As my old friend Uncle Bill would say, " That looks like a scab on a Polar Bear's behind!" I couldn't agree more.

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