Friday, September 20, 2013

The Season's Over

  It's hard to believe but for all intents and purposes the 2013 fishing season is over, at least for me.  In my last three trips out fishing I've only caught a total of ten cohos- hardly enough to make it worth the while. With fuel costing upwards of $5.00 a gallon and the boat burning about eight gallons a day on a short day, it doesn't make sense to go out. Last year, or maybe it was the year before, I started heading out on the last day of the season. I saw that even the hard-nosed trollers were tied up and even though I made it out of the harbor, I got discouraged and turned around and came back in without even dropping a line. On my way back in I saw one of the guys who fishes only sporadically anymore, and then usually doesn't do much, leaving the harbor. I wished him luck but frankly didn't believe he would catch anything. As it was,  he went just to Point Sophia and caught sixty cohos for the short time he was there- about six hundred bucks worth of fish. So, I'm not totally discounting getting out one more time, but if I go, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a big smash either. For the past few days it's been raining buckets, which is actually good. This summer was the nicest one that I can ever remember in terms of sunshine. However, as I've mentioned before, we live in a rain forest and in order for all the wildlife and plants to thrive, we need rain. As per usual for this time of year, we're finally getting copious amounts. That's good. It washes out some of the dead fish from the streams and makes room for the later runs, like cohos. I went on a drive with Jan and my mother-in-law last Sunday, which as you can see was a sunny fall day. The river in the middle picture is Game Creek. When I looked down I couldn't see any fish, although it was obvious by the smell that quite a few had been there recently and had done their duty and died, as salmon are prone to do. I guess some of the carcasses must break down and remain in the river somehow- under rocks or in the embankment or something, because the fry that hatch in the spring are nourished by their parents who have passed on. It's a very efficient system. Even so, I don't want the kids to be planting a garden on top of my grave- "Wow! Look at the size of those tomatoes! Dad must have composted really well!" Sorry guys, if I have my way I'll be cremated.  Anyway, back to the fishing season. The troll opening has been extended to the end of the month instead of ending on the 20th as per usual. I guess the powers that be decided that there were so many fish that it warranted an extension. This is only the second time that I can remember them extending the season. So, if perchance a few more fish do show up I can take advantage of them. Usually though, as they near their natal streams they start to turn dark and sometimes pinkish or red and are declared Blush by the cold storage and are worth less. It's almost worth it to let more of them spawn in hopes of a larger run in a few years. Plus, as they get closer to the streams I always feel guilty for depriving them of their one opportunity for sex. I'm not totally calloused you know. The real heartless guys are those jerks who yard them out of the streams. Let's just hope that none of them are your neighbors. Big meanies!


  1. nice pictures. Amber and I got a good picture of bear paw lake, I think I'm going to develop onto canvas. Got a lot of good pictures we need to develop. Finally got a lot of good pics of amber. she usually looks away when i to get a picture. lol. I can not believe its been a over a month since going up there.

    Your brush with fire post was funny. i would be lying if i said i didnt have my own misadventures with fire when i was a kid.

  2. Good post dad. Love the pictures, it's beautiful out there!!! Love you.

    PS, you sure you don't want to help our gardens grow? ;)

  3. I'm going to be hunting them mountains in a couple days. Good post.

  4. HI David- time flies when you're having fun and even if you're not having fun when you get to my age. Glad you guys made it up. There are few more beautiful places in the world than right here.
    Hey Autumn- I guess you could talk to your mom and see if she'll give each of you a cup of ashes to mix in your yards. If you have a bumper crop of vegetables though you have to share them with her.

    Hey Ben- Looking forward to seeing you. I sure can't climb those mountains anymore, but I'm glad you can. I hope you can get a deer or two- I'd love to stock up before winter. They may be hard to see with all the leaves on the ground though.

  5. funny as always dad. we had a blast bein home n one of rems high points was goin out on the boat with ya. love n miss you guys

  6. Hey Amber- yeah it was fun. I wish I could go catch a bunch more of those cohos. Ben and I are going to try for a halibut today. I've never had much luck jigging, but you never know. Love you too. Say hi to David.