Monday, December 3, 2012

Gus's Marine Storage

  How often have you seen some new product on the shelf or an idea that someone has come up with and you think- that's pretty neat, I could have done that. In fact my friend Buffalo Bob sent me a book titled- Damn, why didn't I think of that? Well, as I was working on this post, I was thinking the same thing about this marine storage facility. Who would have thought that it would have been such a popular thing to utilize? Obviously, the owner, Gus Skaflestad did. That's why it's called Gus's instead of Tom's. Blast! Another golden opportunity has passed me by. Oh well.
 The whole idea of storage facilities is kind of hard for me to fathom. It would seem that if you have so much stuff that you can't store it at your house, you may have too much. I like to watch the show Storage Wars on A&E.  That's the show where people bid on storage lockers that have gone to auction because the folks haven't paid the fee. It's amazing what people leave in their lockers. On one show the guy with the winning bid scored a whole bunch of silver coins. It runs in my mind that the coins were worth thousands of dollars. It's not just coins that are valuable. Some lockers have all kinds of furniture, antiques, paintings, jewelry and assorted do-dads that have real value. If this is what is stored in a locker, what treasures are in their homes? Of course there are lots of musty clothes and old mattresses and junk in some of the lockers, but there is also the unique and even bizarre. One locker had spy equipment in it and another had parts of a human skeleton that was used for medical study. One of the regulars on the show scored big when he bought a locker that contained clothes that had been custom tailored for rap artist Suge Knight. Fortunately Suge wasn't wearing them at the time. Another wasn't so lucky when he tried to unload an Ouija board at at several mediums places of business. They didn't want anything to do with it.What do you do with an Ouija board that no one wants? I guess you could wrap it in colorful paper and pawn it off at the office Christmas party- just don't put your name on it. I wouldn't recommend taking it to the church party though, it would probably be frowned upon.
  I would venture to say that the chances of finding anything of great worth are somewhat slim here at Gus's. Most of what is stored out in the yard are boats.  Mainly skiffs, although I see the poles and masts of several trollers and one or two sailboats. I know that some of these boats have been  here for at least ten years. There's moss growing on the decks and bulwarks and the tarps that were draped over them years ago have been reduced to tattered, plastic threads flapping in the wind. Why hang on to something like that? I wonder if they are still making payments on the space or if they've long since been delinquent. If that's the case, then poor old Gus is stuck with all these useless boats. Maybe that's why they're still stored in the yard- he has no place else to put them.
  There is a name for those folks who can't bear to part with any of their earthly goods- hoarders. There's even a television show about them. Most have homes so crowded with junk that there isn't even room to sleep in the bed or eat a meal in the kitchen. One lady's home was in such a terrible state that the folks who were sent in to help her found the mummified remains of her long lost cat under piles of rubbish. "Well there you are Tinkerbell. I'm glad to see you didn't run away from home."
  With each passing year we seem to have more and more stuff ourselves. Soon I'm going to have to have the foundation checked to see if it can hold up to the extra weight. This Friday we're going to have a little Christmas party at the house. Maybe I can wrap up a few old magazines and a cassette tape or two in gift wrap and pass out to all the guests as they depart. It's cheaper than renting a storage locker.


  1. Maybe you could wrap up Rigby and send him out too! ;)

  2. Hey Autumn- I suppose I could do that, but then how would your mom and I ever get any exercise? Multiple times a day we have to bend over at the waist and pick up his crap- it's the only thing thats keeping us from entering the realm of the morbidly obese.

  3. I'm sorry, but that's funny. He is SO spoiled. Well, between pickin up his crap and carrying him to bed...

  4. Too much stuff, Tom? Two words: Door Prizes. Have fun at the party - wish I could come!

  5. Hey Jill- I wish you could come too- we'd send you home with multiple door prizes. I'm thinking that in future Christmas's, I would save all the hassle of trying to figure out what to buy me and folks could just send me silver coins or bullion. It would never be sent back or re-gifted, doesn't need dusted, I wouldn't get tired of it and nobody would be allowed to borrow it. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

  6. Autumn Rigby is not spoiled, he is loved. there is a differnce you know :) Good blod dad.