Saturday, January 7, 2012

St. Louis Bound

Before I get too far into this post, let me apologize to my friend Doug. I'm fairly certain he doesn't want to see anymore posts on Yanni, but this one is really necessary. Last week I was sitting in my chair, minding my own business, when my daughter Jen presented me with an envelope containing confirmation on a flight to St. Louis and two tickets to a Yanni concert that is going to be held there in April at the Fox theatre. I was pretty much flabbergasted. It was a complete surprise. A friend of mine, who knows that I love listening to Yanni and who has been deeply involved in the music business for years, donated his air miles so that Jan and I could make this trip. Then my family bought the tickets to the concert and paid for the hotel stay. It was an incredibly generous gesture on everyone's part and greatly appreciated. I've never been to St. Louis before, so I looked up a few things there. Of course there's the arch, and Anheiser Busch brewing company. I wonder if they are like the Tillamook Cheese factory in Tillamook Oregon. They give out free samples of cheese. It might be nice to sample a cold beer fresh from the vat, especially if it was free. The St. Louis Cardinals are there and who knows, they may even be playing a game while I'm down there. I'm not a big sports fan, but I do like to watch a little baseball in the summer. I saw on TV that there was another incident at one of the sports functions where some fans of one team got beat up by fans from another team. I certainly wouldn't wear a jersey to a game if I attended one, but I'd probably wear my Hoonah Cold Storage hat with a salmon embroidered on the front.  It would be my luck I'd get beat up by someone who hated fish. I looked online at the Fox Theatre too. It mentioned that you shouldn't hang around out front too long after the performance and they also said that getting a taxi was kind of hit and miss. Being the pessimist I am I decided to look up the crime rate in St. Louis. One article mentioned that St. Louis was the most dangerous city in the US in 2010. Hmmmm... that's a little unnerving. Maybe it's not safe to hang out in front of the theater after hours. Perhaps I could catch a ride to our hotel in Yanni's limo. If he knew that I came down from Alaska to watch him perform it might give me an advantage. Once I start worrying about something, the sky is the limit. After my recent unpleasant stay at a hotel in Juneau, I started thinking about all the things that could go wrong in the hotel room. Security is a bit of an issue, and of course I hope the bed is comfortable and I'm not used to a bunch of noise. Hoonah is pretty quiet at night, with the exception of the occasional barking dog or drunk person yelling as they wander up the street.One of my biggest concerns is bedbugs though. I hate bugs. I watched a show on TV that talked about an infestation of bedbugs in one person's house. The family just about went broke trying to get rid of them. I'll make sure I check the sheets and mattress before I settle in. So, as long as I don't get slugged, mugged or bugged, I think we'll have a great time. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Yanni is a fav of mine too so that concert should be a great treat! Growing up, I lived just an hour south of St. Louis. It is a great city! We used to go there several times a year. You'll be fine and I'm sure not have bedbugs. I, too, worry about that in hotels since it has been so broadcast recently. You'll have a wonderful time! Have fun!!!

  2. It's going to be AMAZING! I wish I could go see him in person as well, he is such a talented peformer. Maybe if you wave your cold storage hat or even throw it at him, he'll realize you're from Alaska and you'll get that ride in the limo...or in a cop car, either way you can avoide the taxi problems! :)

  3. That is really awesome dad! This is the first I've heard about it....that's exciting!!! Better take some pics! I've only been to St Louis, MO at the airport on the way to Iowa...should be a blast! Sleep tight..don't let the bed bugs bite;-) crawlin yet? Love ya..AJ

  4. Hi Donna- thankyou for that reassurance.I'm really looking forward to seeing Yanni in person.I've never been to a live concert for anyone before. I'm sure it will be exciting. I may even get a chance to check out a little bit of the rest of the state. When I was young I used to buy all three of the major outdoor magazines and it runs in my mind that Missouri has some pretty fantastic rivers for fishing for smallmouth bass. It would be nice to drop a line if I had the time.

    Hi Autumn- yes,I don't doubt that I could get his attention one way or another, but probably at the expense of being banned from any future concerts. I definately don't want to rent a car there- I might drive right into the area of violent gangs by mistake. I'm always a spaz when I get around traffic. Anything more congested than Juneau and I freak out.

    Hi Amber- I think they will allow me to take my camera there, but I'm not sure. I hope so. I guess I'll find out before we go there.