Wednesday, April 13, 2011

King Tom

This isn't an optical illusion or trick photography- this is a picture of a real shrimp or prawn I guess it would be called when it's this big. Something this large should have a regal name, so I'm calling it King Tom, after the person who caught it- me. This is from  a picture I took several years ago when I was out long lining in October for some halibut. I couldn't believe how large it was. If I'd had time and had known that I was going to do a blog about it, I might have made a little crown to put on it's head. As it was, I just cooked and ate it and I have to admit, it was tasty.
 My son Brian is here this week helping me get the boat ready for the upcoming season. Last week when I started the engine and turned on the hydraulics, both hydraulic motors, which run the gurdies, started leaking oil. Lovely. Then when I tried to turn the steering wheel, I could barely budge it. Hallelujah! The season is starting off with a bang. I can hardly wait to see what else is going to happen. For those who may not be familiar with marine terms, the acronym for BOAT  is Bring Out Another Thousand. That's pretty much an understatement. If a part has the word marine in front of it, it's going to cost about two times or more what an equivalent part would be for, say, a car. It's always interesting to hear other boat owners describe the diverse ailments that their holes in the water are experiencing. No matter what problems you may be having with your money pit, someone else always has it worse. For some reason, I get a small sense of pleasure in knowing that others are at least as miserable as me. I really need to examine my heart a little closer at church I think.
 While I would like to continue on blathering non-sensical hoo-ha, Nightline is just now signing off, and it's been a long day. Brian has held my feet to the fire today so I'm tired. So, I'll bid whomever a good night and God Bless.


  1. Good blog dad can't believe how big the shrimp is hahah could have named it Shrimp Tom :) Love ya

  2. I can't believe you actually cooked it up and ate it...poor Tom. Neat picture though! Love you!

  3. I've always heard it said that "a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into."

  4. Hi guys,
    Yea, that was one big shrimp- big and tasty. If if had a set of claws on it,it might have passed for a small lobster.
    Todd, that's an understatement. If I had all the money that I've spent on boats, buying them, repairing them, keeping them in fuel and parts, I could probably retire right now and live pretty comfortably. As it is, because I own a boat, I'll probably never be able to retire. My family will have to sell mine just to be able to afford to bury me. Oh well, you can't get out on the water without them.

  5. Dad, I'm going to get you an inflateable raft for your birthday, you'll probably catch more then!

  6. WOW...King Tom is right...that was massive...dunno how much meat it would have actually had on it...but an impressive picture nonetheless....