Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Garden

Here's a shot or two of our garden out back. Obviously this was taken during one of the long stretch of sunny days that we had. The dry, sunny, warm spring really helped out the plants this year. Last year it rained so much that I had standing water in the lower parts of the garden and I couldn't even effectively do any weeding. The weather was so poor it just took away the desire to work in the yard, something I normally enjoy as a way to unwind from fishing.
The purple iris on the left were actually wild at one point. I dug them up years ago from an area in Juneau that has since become developed and currently has a Wal-Mart on it. I wish now that I had grabbed more of them. For some reason most of the local plants seem to favor the color purple. The iris, lupine, columbine and even the chives all have shades of violet to lavender. The red plants in the pot are petunias, which of course are an annual. We wanted to get a little color variation going. We have some sedum growing also, but it's behind the fiddlehead ferns, so every year we have to trim back the ferns so the other plants can get some light. Way back when we lived on the farm we ate some fiddlehead ferns. The plants were young and it seems like they may have been coated in something and deep fried. As I recall they were tasty.
That's not all the local plants we ate while I was at Game Creek- stinging nettles, wild cucumber, mayflower leaves and beach asparagus were also on the menu. I guess they were ok to eat, even if they didn't always taste good. I'm still here.
This will be the last post I make until I get back from fishing. Tomorrow I have depart for the great blue Pacific and see if I can drag up my share of king salmon before the short summer season is over. I don't know what people down south are paying for salmon, but the fishermen are taking it in the shorts this year price wise. In this economy I guess we should be glad to be able to afford to fish at all. Hopefully I'll return from the trip with some good photos. Talk to ya then.

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