Sunday, January 17, 2016

In God We Trust?

   I was in church today and the pastor happened to mention several times the phrase In God We Trust. Apparently there is another lawsuit going on by some atheists who are offended by the phrase and the fact that it is on our currency. From what I can gather, a California attorney by the name of Michael Newdow is bringing suit on behalf of something like 41 atheists in Ohio. It appears he also tried to get the phrase Under God in the pledge of allegiance removed unsuccessfully. I guess you can't blame a guy for trying, although I rather doubt that he would be pursuing this at all strictly on principle. No doubt he feels there is some money to be made or notoriety at least. Frankly, I think with all the problems that this country is facing that pursuing such a frivolous lawsuit would be near the bottom of the list of important things to do. If anything, my personal feeling is that we should call on God all the more. I believe it is because we have turned our back to Him that we're facing most of the problems that we are. You hear a lot about climate change, crime, gun violence, terrorism, the national debt, drug abuse and a host of other things that affect all of us on the news nightly. I suspect that we all trust in something. What is it, money? Money comes and goes. You can be riding high one day and lose it all the  next. Look at what the stock market is doing right now. One trip to the hospital could bankrupt a lot of people. The country is approaching a twenty trillion dollar debt. How much do you think that money is worth, or will be worth in a few more years? The price of everything is going up because the money is worth so little. What do we trust, the government? The government doesn't produce anything of value. They're like Robin Hood, taking from one source to give to another, skimming large amounts of money from the top to fund themselves. What do you trust in? Your health, your looks, your intelligence? I can attest to the fact that all of those things go by the wayside as our years upon this earth increase. What do you do when you're in an a jet and turbulence starts to slam the plane around, or a storm is raging outside your home, trees are being uprooted and the floodwaters are rising? Perhaps you're flat on your back in the hospital and the diagnosis isn't good. I know from experience the fear that one feels  when the plane is going down and the helpless feeling of being in a small boat when the waves are crashing over the bow and even the need for surgery in delicate places. Fortunately I do believe in God, and I feel like He was with me through each trial. But, what if you don't believe? Where do you find comfort? I'm asking because I don't know. Right now the airwaves are filled with political debates and debates about the debates as we try to determine who is going to lead this country next. I'm hoping the the next man or woman is a God fearing person. The world is too dangerous to be led by unbelievers.We don't need someone who will stick their finger into the wind to determine which way the  political wind is blowing. It may come as a surprise to some folks, but God isn't politically correct. There is one way that is right, and it's His way. Perhaps that's why some folks are uncomfortable with a phrase like In God We Trust. They don't want to be reminded that perhaps what they are doing is wrong. Perhaps they think that believing in God means that they have to be perfect. I haven't seen any believers who meet that standard yet, so don't let that be a reason for atheism.  I read a book once titled -God Doesn't Believe in Atheists. I can't recall what all it said, but I do remember one passage where the author mentioned that the likelihood of life being formed randomly from whatever gobbledygook was in the earth as a result of chemical reactions or whatever the evolutionist want to believe is as likely as a blob of bauxite over eons of time randomly forming into a cylinder and turning red and white and spelling out Coke. I think people will go to extremes to deny the existence of God, and because He gives us free will, they are allowed to do that. No one is making them worship or believe what they don't want to, but I do believe, and as I mentioned, I believe we would be far better off if we called on the name of the Lord all the more. For me, a little reminder is a good thing, since we certainly can't count on the paper that the phrase is written on. All it takes is watching the news for a half hour to know it's going to take divine intervention to get us out of the mess we're in.


  1. So very true, Tom. Not only is it good to remember that it should be in God we trust, but that God's in control of it all and knows the outcome in the end, too. I especially need to remind myself of that when I worry about what's going on in the world or when I think of the upcoming election!

    1. Hi Jill- you're not alone. The whole world is in turmoil, largely by our own doing. I know that He's in control, and that He's given us free will, but sometimes I just wish He would just go through and thump the troublemakers of the world and remind them that they live because He allows it. It will all come out in the wash, but in the meantime, we're in the spin cycle.

  2. Well, we certainly are getting "agitated" in that cycle, that's for sure - LOL!