Saturday, September 12, 2015

Labor Day

 This past Monday was Labor Day- a day of celebrating the folks whose hard work has made America what it is. It's kind of the unofficial end of summer I guess, although by the look and feel of the weather here in Southeast Alaska, summer started giving way to fall during the first week of August. That's when the cottonwood and alder trees started to turn from green to gold. My daughter Liz and her husband and youngest child rented a cabin from the Forest Service out at False Bay during the Labor Day weekend, along with Jen and Kaylahni. They invited us out for dinner, so of course we had to go. When the chance to eat your kid's food comes up by all means take advantage of it. It's payback time. Of course there was hot dogs and chips and soda, but there was also shisk- ka -bobs on the grill, which was an added treat. I noticed that Jen was sitting on a makeshift bench, and the smoke from the wood fire kept drifting right towards her. It's something she's inherited from me I guess. Not everyone is so lucky as to come home smelling like they've been grilled. I was looking at my daughter Liz and saw that the sweatshirt she was wearing had a slogan that said "Cute enough to stop your heart- skilled enough to restart it." She's a CNA so I thought that was appropriate. I wish I would think of a slogan like that. It's not that I never think of anything good, it's just that no one wants to pay me for my great ideas. What's up with that? My son-in-law and a family friend spent most of their time fishing. Unfortunately Bill had gotten some false information about how many silvers were being caught and he came out expecting to really clean up on them with his fly rod. The fishing in Freshwater was just as discouraging as it's been everywhere else this year.For some unknown reason the silvers just haven't shown up, at least not in any concentrations that would matter. I don't doubt that they're out there somewhere, I just don't know where. Once he got back in to town Walt Lindoff took him up Garteeni Creek and he got a few nice ones to take home and smoke. While we were there, Jan and I went into the cabin to check it out. It's very nice. There's no electricity and you have to provide your own firewood, but it's well built with built in bunks and a wood stove and picnic table in the kitchen area. There is a spacious outhouse near the rear of the building. You need to think ahead and bring toilet paper, unless you're really planning on roughing it. There is a porch and a balcony to sit out on, and the view is fantastic. It's very relaxing.  You can rent the cabin from the U.S. Forest Service on line. I believe it may be listed as the cabin at Kennel Creek, although it could be under Freshwater Bay. It's only $50.00 a day to rent, but if you should decide to rent it, give yourself plenty of time in advance.It's fairly popular, understandably so. I don't know if it's available year round or not. I think that hunters may rent it during the deer season, but as the season progresses and snow starts to fall, the road that leads to Freshwater can become impassable. Something to think about. Anyway, we were fortunate enough to enjoy the last holiday of the summer there, had a good time and ate some of the kid's food. What more could you want?


  1. That sounds like so much fun, and I'm glad you and mom got to go out and enjoy it...and eat their food. :) Love you dad.

  2. It was a lot of fun. Really relaxing, although I don't know why I need to relax. The way the fishing season and the weather has been, I've relaxed all I want to for awhile. Oh Well. Love you too.

  3. Thanks for clarifying that gal. Jan said she'd like to rent the cabin some time. I'm not so sure about it myself. If a person had a few good books and the fish were running though, it might be fun. It would sure beat spending a night in an airport somewhere.