Monday, October 21, 2013

What's that you say?

  We began our trip several weeks ago by boarding the Alaska Marine Highway ferry, Aurora.   I dropped back to the cafeteria to grab a cup of coffee and watched with amusement as one of the officers posted the menu. I've had clam chowder before, and I've certainly eaten Rock fish, though not grilled. I have to admit though, I've never tried Beef Strokenoff. Sounds like something you might find on the menu of a brothel in Las Vegas or some such thing. When I saw that I had to do a double take. Then I started doubting myself, thinking that perhaps using a "g" instead of a "k" was wrong. I know that I've forgotten a lot of things as I've aged, but this is definitely the wrong spelling. Perhaps the officer was Russian and was spelling it the way she pronounced it, who knows. In any event I agree with a friend who, after she saw the menu, said, "I think I'll stay with  the cheeseburger.


  1. Hi Camille- needless to say, I settled for coffee on that trip.

  2. Haha.. I showed some friends this post.. They laughed their asses off. Great blog dad. Hope you're doing good..

  3. OMG that was friggin hilarious..

  4. That took me a second while I was looking at your picture. I was trying to spell it out to. So wrong, but freakin funny!!!


  5. Hi Brian- I'm glad you guys liked it. Kind of short post, but some things need no further clarification.

    Hi Amber- I think we all share the same sense of humor to some degree. Unfortunately, though Jen has a great sense of humor misses a lot of funny things somehow- they go right over her head. She does laugh anyway, even though she has no idea what she's laughing at.

    Hey Autumn- Chris Budke was looking at the sign and thought that it said CLOM chowder- hmmm, maybe so. I guess it's similar to CLAM chowder, but after the beef STROKENOFF I'm kind of afraid to ask about it.