Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Soothing Touch

It's been quite a busy few days. I went out several days ago and made a halibut set with a friend and pulled it yesterday. We caught all I needed to fill my quota and ended up having to shake off about seven hundred pounds of halibut in excess of the quota. It was a real bummer- the shaking, not the catching. Today I sold the catch and got started on cleaning up the mess. I'll continue with the clean up tomorrow. I fell asleep in the chair earlier, and when I finally woke up I figured  I would do a blog post. I know that I'm overdue for one. I made the mistake of looking at my email first. I saw that the credit card company had a charge for Norton Internet Security. I knew that it couldn't be right- I just had about a two hour chat with a fellow named Rohit back in February and he assured me I had 546 days left on the subscription. I was able to get on line and chat with another fellow this time Sonji or some such thing. By the time we got it all figured out, I felt like my hair should be aflame and my face melted into a puddle of Silly Putty with eyes. The technicians are all very nice, but I still have a hard time communicating with them. They want me to remember numbers and dates and contracts, HA! I have trouble remembering the name of the fellow in the next boat stall. Anyway, it got all squared away, until the next time they automatically renew something and I have to go through it again. Now though, it's late- Jimmy Kimmel is on TV and I feel like the Far Side character who raises his hand in class and asks if he can go home because his brain is full. I have the exact opposite problem though; I'm running on empty. At least until I go to bed, then the old brain will kick in full bore. I won't think of anything useful or practical. I'll probably rehearse something in my mind that I should have said or done about a hundred times, then a song that I used to like will play over and over until I can't stand the damn thing anymore, then I'll think about what I have to do tomorrow and try to will myself to sleep so I won't be so tired in the morning, then I'll probably think about catching a bunch of fish and the adrenaline will get going and I won't be able to sleep without a shot of ether. Finally, sometime in the middle of the night, after I've gotten up to pee once or twice (oh I love getting older) I'll finally drop off for a bit- until the stupid ravens decide to wake the neighborhood dogs for a little early morning singalong. Isn't life grand?
  Now on to other things. The top picture is of the Shirley N. He had been out fishing for King Salmon about a week or so ago and came steaming in at twilight one evening. Its always such a great feeling to come home when you've been gone for awhile. Jan took the picture of the moon over Port Frederick. It was very serene. I took the one of the moon over Ears Mountain. It looks almost tropical, like a giraffe should be standing in the foreground or something- damn that global warming! Anyway, I needed to post some pictures that won't get me all excited before I hit the hay. These pictures remind me of that kid's poem about three little kids going to bed. I'd heard it years ago when I was very young, and again by Mrs. Wilson on the Dennis the Menace movie.  Something about Hinkle Winckel and Stinkel, or Hinkle, Winkle and Todd, or Winkle, Finkle and Nod ... anyway, whatever it is, if you know it, would you kindly post it? I have to go to bed. Sweet dreams everyone.


  1. Good blog dad, glad to hear you got your quota on the halibut but that really stinks that you had to put some of it back. Wish I was there to go fishing again. Love the pics.

  2. Heavens, wish I could have taken some of that shaken (but not stirred) halibut off your hands!

  3. Here you go - Wynken, Blynken and Nod

  4. Man...that almost made me sick to think about you haftin to shake that much off the hooks..what a waste!!! Glad you caught your quota though...and the pics are beautiful...good to finally hear from ya again;-) Love ya..AJ

  5. Tom,
    Personally I avoid Norton & McAfee products like the plague. They are expensive, hard to deal with and like to take over your computer...
    Microsoft Security Essentials is free and does a good job.

    And thanks for the blog post... Glad the halibut fishing went well.

  6. Bout time you posted, was freakin funny though! Glad you got your quota, I would rather have to shake off too many than not have gotten enough! Beautiful pictures too. Love you!

  7. I had a friend once (was it you?!) who called and talked to Hadji about a disc reading error. Friend was told to clean the disc with mayonnaise. I said really? Did you do it? Why, yes, I did, he says. Did it work, I asked skeptically. Why, no, it didn't. Now I have to buy a new CD ROM drive. I'm not sure who not to trust - the ESL techs or the gullible customers. Eh, not with MY computer you don't!

  8. Hello everyone- thankyou for commenting. I don't look at having to shake the halibut as a waste so much as a lost economic opportunity. I had to shake a king salmon yesterday (the king season is over) and though it was fighting when he came aboard, he nonetheless turned belly up when I shook him off. Now THAT was a waste! Had I known he wouldn't make it I would have taken my chances on sneaking it home. I think it's a sin to have food go to waste like that. On that note, I would like to ask all of you if you can think of a way to get a whole bunch of Pink Salmon (Humpies) to a charitable organization. Half the world is starving, and I shake dozens of them every day.
    Jill, if you take a trip up here in the summer I would gadly send you home with halibut.
    Camille- thankyou for finding that web address for the poem. It would have kept me awake at night trying to think of it. I knew someone would know what I was talking about.
    Thanks Todd for the info. I'll wait until this Norton thing expires and then check on the other.
    Hi Rene'- it wasn't me who delved into the inner workings of the computer. I wouldn't know where to start. I'm still pleased with myself for being able to change the oil on my boat.
    Thankyou all again for commenting. I love to hear from everyone. I wish I could be on top of the blog posts better, but the fishing season is short and I'm frequently gone from home. I'll try to do better.

  9. Is there no quota on the humpies??? I can look into it online...the only thing I can think of would for it to be packed in dry ice....or else canned...both expensive and time-consuming...I will look and see if there are any charitable organizations that would take them off your hands for you free of charge.