Monday, December 13, 2010

Still Waiting

Well, here I am again- up at the library, trying to do a blog post and read my email. I got a call from Gene, the guy who is supposed to be setting us up with Hughes Net so we can get internet service at home. I was expecting to be all squared away by now, but he called and said someone made off with his direction finder. He needs that to make sure the antenna is pointed at the satellite, so I guess I have to wait until he gets another one. Go figure. To make matters more interesting, I can't tell which picture I'm choosing for the blog right now- it just gives me a number, which I randomly chose, so obviously I got the picture from my book. Oh well. To add to the situation, I only have thirty minutes allotted for this computer before it automatically shuts off and I lose everything. Can you believe it? Actually I can- nothing really surprizes me. " What doctor? I have the only recorded case of malaria in Alaska? No, I'm not shocked at all" "What's that you say? You've been a mechanic for thirty seven years and you've never seen this problem before? Really expensive to fix? Yes I figured as much." " What? Someone stole the direction finder for the satellite and now you won't be able to set up the dish? Oh well."
To compound the misery, I had a friend call the other day. Right after he said hi, he wanted to know when I was going to post to my blog. Well Doug, here ya go buddy. I have to write fast- the computer says I only have ten minutes left. I'll have to give a little backround on Doug when I'm not so pressed for time. I guess I should be really happy that the library is still available for use at all. The way things are going with this economy, I'm pleased that it hasn't been shut down yet.
Sorry this isn't a little more entertaining, but I don't work well under pressure and I'm rapidly running out of minutes. Hopefully the next time I post it will be from my own home. Until then, take care.

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  1. could totally hear your voice with that whiney kinda sound you get when you're mimicking someone....too funny...least it's just malaria and not some sorta acute bowel dysfunction...